“Seeing Through the Smoke” – Cannabis specialist Peter Grinspoon MD untangles the truth.

“Seeing Through the Smoke” by Peter Grinspoon MD is poised to be a game changer around cannabis. Dr. Grinspoon skillfully “untangles the truth about marijuana” with a balanced and thorough examination of the evidence around cannabis and psychosis, addiction, trauma, pregnancy, driving, cognition, adolescence, opioid withdrawal, cancer, sleep, autism, ADHD, PTSD, CBD, and more. Cannabis has been badly mistreated and misunderstood for the past 90 years. Much of the public discourse and research is unfounded in reality or reliable evidence. This book sets the record straight. “Seeing Through the Smoke: A Cannabis Specialist Untangles the Truth About Marijuana” is absolutely a must read for policy makers, researchers, health care providers (Get with the program doctors!), retailers, growers, and anyone who wants to know what this amazing plant can do – as well as those claims for which there’s no reliable evidence (yet). And in case that all sounds daunting, it ain’t. The book is written in an accessible, user-friendly style often spiced with warmth and humor.

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