Psychedelics for Trauma and Addiction – Dr. Dominique Morisano

Dr. Dominique Morisano, clinical psychologist and professor, shares important insights on how psychedelics can help with trauma, addiction, depression, and other conditions. Dr. Morisano’s experience is deep and wide. She is knowledgeable about several psychedelics and has much experience using ketamine in her therapy practice. Other topics we covered were: • How ketamine leans more toward the positive than some other psychedelics and can help with addictions, including cigarette addiction • cannabis dependency and ketamine for that dependency • pros and cons of MDMA in therapeutic work • problems with long-term use of anti-depressant pharmaceuticals like SSRIs • the necessity of follow-up care after medicine sessions (integration) NOTE: Please subscribe to my newsletter at for updates, new new interviews, and occasional gems of insight. It’s free to join and I use it sparingly and respectfully.

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