Salvia: The Misunderstood Healer – Christopher Solomon Interview

Salvia divinorum has great potential as a gentle and kind yet direct healing medicine when used in carefully protected low-dose settings, preferably with a guide or at least a sitter. Christopher Solomon is a clear and articulate advocate—as well as a guide—for this misunderstood healer. Most people who have encountered Salvia in unstructured contexts, such as with the “extracts” like the 5X, 10X, 20X etc, want nothing further to do with its often bizarre and sometimes frightening effects. But Christopher understands that in low doses, Salvia is almost like a different medicine altogether. It relaxes and nurtures. It works in a somatic fashion—directly with the felt body rather than through cerebral insights. This unique member of the mint family has been badly misunderstood. When encountered with this knowledge in hand, Salvia divinorum has an important role to play in the healing and awakening journey.

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