Psychedelics, Meditation, & Kriya Yoga. Interview with Keith Lowenstein MD.

Keith Lowenstein MD is an authentic wisdom carrier with a great deal of beneficially guidance to share. He has over 40 years of experience teaching and practicing Kriya yoga, and 35 years of clinical experience in integrative medicine, psychiatry, and nutrition. Perhaps even more important for our purposes here, he also has extensive experience in psychedelic healing modalities and has direct understanding of the potential of skillfully combining plant medicines with yoga and meditation. This is a challenging area of development that is certain to take an increasingly prominent role in healing and awakening work. Arguably the most important component of Keith’s journey toward wisdom and working in these ways was his studies under legendary “crazy wisdom” cannabis guru and Kriya yoga master Sri Mahant Swami Ganesh Anand Giri Saraswati, more popularly known as Ganesh Baba. Keith was Ganesh Baba’s last main student, working closely with him for 5 years. In fact, it was Baba who directed Keith to become a doctor. Keith is the author of “Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery.”

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