The Truly Transformative Power of Skilled Psychedelic Use: A (sort of) Spiritual Manifesto from Psychedelic Visionary Chris Bache.

I recently invited my friend and colleague Chris Bache to join us on a live Zoom gathering for which we posed the question: How have psychedelics changed or transformed your life? Chris was unable to attend, but he sent me a list of 12 sequentially interconnected replies to that question he had once offered to an interviewer.

As with everything that comes from Chris, these are brilliant. That’s why I came up with the word “manifesto” in the subtitle of this piece. This collection of statements pretty much lays out an encompassing portrait of the divine nature of reality and our destiny and potential.

BTW: If you’re not familiar with Chris Bache, the terribly truncated bio is that during his career as a university professor he undertook what became a 20-year journey of 73 carefully constructed high-dose LSD sessions from which he brought back a large collection of what he lovingly calls “diamonds from heaven” transmitted to him by vast intelligences of the universe.

Note also that along with his remarkable book LSD and the Mind of the Universe, Chris wrote a powerful chapter for the book of which I’m editor and one of 25 contributors called How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World: Visionary and Indigenous Voices Speak Out (Inner Traditions • Park Street Press 2023).

The following sentence clauses would start with “I have learned from my psychedelic experiences . . .

that the universe is the manifest body of a Divine Being of unimaginable intelligence, compassion, clarity, and power,
that we are all aspects of this Being, never separated from it for a moment,
that we are growing ever more aware of this connection,
that physical reality emerges out of Light and returns to Light continuously,
that Light is our essential nature and our destiny,
that all life moves as One,
that reincarnation is true,
that there is a deep logic and significance to the circumstances of our lives,
that everything we do contributes to the evolution of the whole,
that our awareness continues in an ocean of time and a sea of bliss when we die,
that we are loved beyond measure and
that humanity is driving towards an evolutionary breakthrough that will change us and life on this planet at the deepest level.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for these diamonds Chris and may all beings be free from suffering and confusion.

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