Psychedelics in the Time of Reckoning.

• This is the time of reckoning for us humans. I suspect that that cold-water-in-the-face realization is dawning on more and more people quite rapidly these days. (Unfortunately, a great many are also determinedly burying their heads in the shifting sands. But that’s another—though very important—story.)
• Over the course of millennia, we humans as a collective species have wandered far from our true home as self-actualizing sparks of the eternal divine creative source. Psychonauts and other “mystics” know something from direct experience about this source and the widespread spiritual disconnection that blankets most of the species.
• Increasingly over the centuries, ignorance of our true nature has been supplanted by illusionary and ultimately ineffective coping strategies, in particular, rampant materialism and more recently consumerism.
• But all trajectories and energy constellations reach their inevitable end. Call it a karmic end point.

• We’ve reached that end/transition point now.

• The reckoning in question has been underway since at least the 1960s—gay rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, abuses in the church, environmental concerns, issues of personal freedom and empowerment, etc.
• Although full understanding of the proper use and place of psychedelics was largely lacking at the time (the 1960s and early 1970s), they nonetheless played a major role in waking people up to the disconnection and to the all-pervading unconditioned reality that encompasses the “virtual” versions of reality we create for ourselves.
• While the concerns above still persist—some intensely of course—a huge one now is the necessity for a great many more people to realize the hard-hearted cupidity and manipulative control foisted on the people by those with too much power and wealth. It’s essential that “the people” begin to take back the dominating power of those people and their corrupting, toxic institutions. For the vision to manifest, wealth and power must flow much more heterarchically (laterally) and much less hierarchically.
• Psychonauts and other visionaries have seen a powerful divine light descending onto the Earth. But they have also seen that this light is exposing what G. William Barnard has called “all the oozing toxins.”
• That is where we as a species are now—in the time of reckoning.
• Cynicism and despair, while understandable, must be transcended. They are worse than useless in the time of reckoning. All who can are tasked with “holding our seats” with clear minds, relaxed bodies, and open hearts.
• Skillful, intentional use of psychedelic sacraments is our best hope for turning inner healing into outer action.
• A prayer: May we devote ourselves to sustaining and creating a sane and beautiful planet for the generations to come; for the Earth and all her creatures; and for the eternal creative intelligences that loved this world into existence and who according to many accounts continue to offer their guidance wherever there are openings in the thick veils of illusion.

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