Flavio Santi: Master Ecuadorian Plant Medicine Healer on StephenGray Vision.

Flavio Santi holds an ancient lineage of Ecuadorian healers working with plant medicines. In my experience, his knowledge of how to heal with plants is much deeper than almost anyone else in this field I’m aware of. Here he talks about the connection between the plants, the land, and the Spirits, or as he sometimes says, the ancestors. Flavio knows things that those of us in the wide world need to hear about and apply. As Flavio says in the interview, his grandfather charged him with the responsibility of telling the people of the “North” about this deep knowledge for the benefit of all humanity. A central aspect of Flavio’s work is the reclamation of their ancestral land in Ecuador to be protected for the generations to come. They’re raising money to buy back 5000 acres of forest and to build a school—the Wayusa School— for children from around the world to learn these powerful traditional ways of healing and of protecting Mother Earth.

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