Wade Davis on Psychedelics, Shamanism, Culture: StephenGray Vision Interviews (#9)

Wade Davis is one of the world’s leading voices on behalf of cultural- and bio-diversity. Here he shares such penetrating insights as: how psychedelics have catalyzed major cultural shifts; psychedelics as subversive agents of liberation; the war on drugs as a deliberate lie for political gain; the South American indigenous recognition that plants and animals are just people in another dimension; the unexpected ascendancy of ayahuasca as the global “superstar” psychedelic; the true role of the shaman and the dangers of the shamanic path; the de-animation of the world and the necessity of reciprocity and connection. Note: Wade has a new book out (Sept. 15, 2020) called, “Magdalena: Rivers of Dreams.” Wade told me it’s a love letter to Colombia.

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I’ve been involved in spiritual work and psychedelics for 50 years. This includes more than 20 years as a student and occasional teacher of Tibetan Buddhism; a dozen years actively involved with Native American Church peyote prayer ceremonies; “guest” membership in the ayahuasca-using Santo Daime Church, and experience with a number of other entheogens. I’m also the author of Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality, and editor as well as one of 18 contributors to the popular Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally. I teach people about the spiritual benefits of intentional cannabis use and conduct cannabis meditation and sound-journeying ceremonies.

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