Secrets of the Sacred Mushroom: StephenGray Vision interviews Michael Stuart Ani (3)

MIchael Stuart Ani has led and continues to live an extraordinary life. Much of it has been spent in the company of indigenous wisdom carriers in Central and South America, where he has learned a number of their languages and been instrumental in keeping their essential ancient knowledge alive for the generations to come. In this interview Michael shares insights on: how we “moderns” have lost our connection to the wisdom of the ancestors and nature; how the tribes that kept their connection with the sacred mushrooms have had the most success in keeping that knowledge alive; the untold history and central importance for us all of the Ghost Dance; how every plant has a spirit, a voice, and a song; and how his mushroom spirit Desheto has repeatedly told him that we will get through this extremely difficult transition period.

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Stephen Gray, of Vancouver BC in Canada, has been a student, teacher, and researcher of spiritual work for forty years. For many years his main practice was Tibetan Buddhism. Throughout that period Stephen also maintained a passionate interest in the spiritual wisdom of what might be called the "Earth People"—indigenous teachings from around the world. This interest eventually led to an ongoing involvement in the Native American Church. The book, "Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality" is Stephen's offering to the vision for consciousness transformation and a mass cultural shift to awakened heart wisdom.

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