LSD and the Mind of the Universe: StephenGray Vision interviews Chris Bache (1)

A fascinating one hour interview with visionary Chris Bache. Chris undertook a heroic 20 year journey of 73 high-dose LSD sessions with a sitter and brought back extraordinary “Diamonds from Heaven” as he calls them. In every journey Chris received stunning downloads from the vast intelligences of the universe that are essential for humanity at this time. A widespread awakening is now both necessary and possible.

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Stephen Gray, of Vancouver BC in Canada, has been a student, teacher, and researcher of spiritual work for forty years. For many years his main practice was Tibetan Buddhism. Throughout that period Stephen also maintained a passionate interest in the spiritual wisdom of what might be called the "Earth People"—indigenous teachings from around the world. This interest eventually led to an ongoing involvement in the Native American Church. The book, "Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality" is Stephen's offering to the vision for consciousness transformation and a mass cultural shift to awakened heart wisdom.

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