•The Lycaeum ( For those interested in learning more about the entheogenic plants, this is an excellent database with an extensive collection of information on a wide number of plants and chemicals, as well as links to many other sources of information.

•Peyote: The Divine Cactus ( An informative website on peyote and numerous other plant medicines with lots of links to other useful sites.

•MAPS (Multidiscplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, This is a remarkable organization under the leadership of Dr. Rick Doblin. They are doing wonderful work to gain legal acceptance for the use of psychedelics in therapy and are having excellent success in doing so. They deserve much support.

Erowid. A well-respected and rich resource, in their words, “documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.

Dale Pendell. One of the more colorful writers around, Dale has some very informative books on psychoactive plants.

Robert Phoenix. Robert is an astrologer, writer, and internet radio host (Free Association Radio) with some very interesting thoughts and information on a number of topics, including the cultural shift and consciousness transformation we envision. A useful website on the issues addressed here at Returning to Sacred World. This site has a special focus on Crop Circles, with DVDs, articles etc.

Conscious Living Radio ( This is host Andrew Rezmer’s project. He conducts in-studio and telephone interviews with many interesting people working in fields related to consciousness transformation. There’s an interview with me from Nov. 24/10 that should be findable in the past shows section of the site.

Witness. This enterprise is the brainchild of musician Peter Gabriel, or at least he is the most visible spokesperson for it. Witness is one more reason to have hope in humanity. The program’s aim is to get  still and especially video cameras into the hands of as many oppressed and abused peoples around the world as possible. According to Mr. Gabriel, there are far too many acts of injustice that go unrecognized and unvalidated. If such events can be recorded, there is hope that injustices can be redressed. Please check out their website listed above and consider helping in any way you can.

Martina Hoffmann. Martina Hoffmann is a visual artist whose stunning work has often been inspired by her visions in ayahuasca journeys, and perhaps other visionary plants and substances (one painting is titled Lysergic Summer, for example).

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