Awakening to a New Reality: StephenGray Vision interviews Padrinho Paulo Roberto (#5)

Padrinho Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza is a deeply spiritual man who has experienced the light of divine reality and has influenced thousands as an educator, activist, and minister/ceremony leader in the Brazilian ayahuasca-using Santo Daime religion. Here he talks about topics such as: meeting the spirit of ayahuasca before he had ever heard of it during a journey with “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” overlooking Machu Picchu; the origins of the Santo Daime religion; his apprenticeship to lineage founder Padrinho Sebastião; the necessity of saving the Amazon for the whole world and what we can do to help; developing skills of adaptability in a fast-changing world; and the sacred use of cannabis, or Santa Maria as he calls it.

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I’ve been involved in spiritual work and psychedelics for 50 years. This includes more than 20 years as a student and occasional teacher of Tibetan Buddhism; a dozen years actively involved with Native American Church peyote prayer ceremonies; “guest” membership in the ayahuasca-using Santo Daime Church, and experience with a number of other entheogens. I’m also the author of Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality, and editor as well as one of 18 contributors to the popular Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally. I teach people about the spiritual benefits of intentional cannabis use and conduct cannabis meditation and sound-journeying ceremonies.

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