The book: Returning to Sacred World


I’ll be updating this post periodically with news on the progress of the ideas and activities associated with my book, Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality. It was published in November 2010 by O Books. It’s available at Amazon. Clicking on this link at should take you directly to my book page.  If you’d like to help the book and the ideas it contains get a good start in life, I would ask you to buy it on Amazon and write a review. Some of you may even get yourselves established as what Amazon calls a “top reviewer.” Reviews by top reviewers are given more credence in Amazon’s complex system. To see some reviews and endorsements as well as a summary of the contents of the book please go to the page on this website called The Book.

As well Amazon and perhaps other online sites, you can also order the book directly from O Books. The other thing you could do as a supporter of this vision, in terms of helping the book to have a good life, would be to contact a bookstore in your area that sells spiritual/metaphysical/new age books and, if they don’t already have the book, ask them to order it. Some of you may be so kind as to contact me with suggestions of book stores in North America I might contact myself to offer book signings, talks, readings etc.

Thank you and may the human community awaken to the full realization of the creative harmony awaiting us. Stephen.

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